Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Enjoying a cold beer... what a process!


Okay, the line is funny, but not relevant other than that we watched that movie the other night. As promised in the last post, we said we would talk about how to obtain booze in Baker Lake.

Here is the process we went through it on Monday afternoon.

Jim, our neighbour and manager of the convenience store in town, came over around 1 PM and took us down to the arena, which is about a five minute walk from the four-plex (which is the appropriate term for our house at work). When we got to the arena, Jim introduced us to Johnny, who is the by law officer in town, and the man who holds our alcohol intake future. Johnny had us fill in a form with our name, address, and date of birth.

The rest of the form may remind some of the older people reading this blog of how they used to get booze at the LCBO. We had to look at a list of available liquor and beer, and then fill in what we wanted...

And here is the catch.

There is a maximum of what you can purchase on your order. For stuff like rye, it is two 40 oz bottles. For beer, it is 54 cans. For wine, it is five bottles.

So, after looking at the list, Grace and I decided to make it worth our while and we ordered the maximum. So Grace got her wine, and I got my beer.

However, this is not a given that we will GET our booze.

By Law Johnny has to approve your application, because in the past some people have gotten a little (or a lot) rowdy and have caused trouble in town. So, on Tuesday morning, you take a look at the list posted in the Northern that states which permit numbers have been approved (no names are mentioned, which is good I suppose) for their order.

We assumed our names were on there.

Then today, the phone call came.

Calm Air with freight for us.

Freight = Booze!!!

So, here we are at 8:43 PM Wednesday night having a glass of wine and a beer.

And it never tasted so good!!!


Grace and Mike

PS: I know everyone is wondering, so here it is. A can of beer is approximately $2, therefore it is about $48 for a case of beer before freight charges. Wine is about $12 a bottle before freight. Now you know!

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Kyle said...

That's not too bad of a price for beer.. not much more expensive than here. So how is the selection? Can you pick pretty much anything you want?