Monday, June 23, 2008

Just another day in Baker Lake

Hey everyone! So usually I let Mike write the blog because I have crappy grammar, which I’m sure you will realize once you get to the end of the blog. Anyway, the big thing going on in the town of Baker Lake today is a house fire. One of the girls that works at the Quick Stop in our store has had a house fire because someone let a kid play with a lighter unattended…. Yep, only in Baker Lake do the kids smoke at 5 and run around the streets at 1 am. Anyway the fire started at around 430 and continued burning till 930… the house really isn’t that big… However the roof is metal so the fire was contained inside.

This weekend we went over to our meat manager’s house for a surprise birthday party for one of the single guys that lives in our 4plex. Our meat manager and his wife are both from Newfoundland so automatically you know its going to be a good time and boy was it ever. Mike and I are both the youngest management in the store the next closest in our age is a 28 year old so the party was mostly people in their 30’s and 40’s but that doesn’t mean they don’t party hard. We went over at 9 and were the 1st to leave at 1:30… I guess the party didn’t end till 3:30-4ish. Anyway the party was full of drinking and sing alongs to Maritimes music, which was very entertaining to watch, as well as some dancing. Jim (the guy the party was for) knew we were having a get together, but didn’t know why, so we just surprise attacked him with a cake and it wasn’t just any kind of cake - it was a boob cake (i.e. shaped like a set of boobs). This made me feel at home! LOL! This was followed by a gift of a t-shirt that said “come to the dark side we have cookies”. Anyway it was a good night and allowed us to get to know the people we work with better. I’m definitely looking forward to the Canada Day party where we will be playing horse shoes.

And just to end off the blog on a light but humourous note on Saturday night our neighbor in our 4plex, which is also the guy we had the party for, knocked on our door and told us there was a big rainbow outside. So Mike went out on the porch to look and the guy proceed to tell him in such an excited voice, “I love this shit man, I love living up here!” LOL!!! He used to live in Toronto, so I supposed this stuff would be new to him. Later that night we came up with several leprechaun jokes because our neighbor is so short. Two pictures are posted below!

Later gators!

Picture of the house fire. You can faintly see smoke coming out of the roof where they had to knock a hole in it to get to the fire.

Picture of the rainbow over the lake. Kind of hard to see, but it is there. Rainbows are very rare up here as it doesn't rain too much.

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Grant said...

That's not true! I saw a rainbow over the CN tower just the other day! It was huge!!! But, I guess we don't really get them in the middle of the night like you guys :)