Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mike and Grace are Engaged!!

Helloooooooooooo everyone!

I know its been a while but I’ve finally got a free moment to write. So as many of you know, Mike and I are engaged!!!!! Woooooo!!!! And now I’m sure you’re wondering how Mike proposed? Well he did it on July 6th, which holds no significance other than it was his first day off without me because his days off got switched around. Anyway, on Saturday I had been joking with the guys that I work with that since Mike had the day off tomorrow that he was going to cook me a big dinner. So Sunday morning I got up, went to work (had a short day because my Sunday shift is only 6 hours long) and when I came home I opened the door to a table lit with candles, dinner in the oven, nice music and a pretty looking Mike.

In my mind I thought he was just making me a nice dinner because I had said he would on Saturday. So we sit down for dinner and have a nice long talk about random things, finally I decided that I’ve been in my work clothes too long and need to change, and since Mike is dressed all nice I ask him if he doesn’t mind if I change, thinking he will be totally fine with it and probably join me since he’s not one for anything but comfy pants and jeans. However, instead of getting the answer I thought I would get, he tells me I have to wait a minute and takes off into the bedroom. Not really thinking about it at all, I wait and he comes back like 30 seconds later and says I can go now, so I walk into the room and see a Peoples box sitting on the bed. I ask what I did to deserve this and he said you’ll see, in my head I’m thinking it’s an anniversary gift or him just feeling thoughtful. I opened the box and inside it was a velvet jewelry box, which at that moment I thought was earrings, so when I started to open it and he went down on one knee. I totally freaked out when I saw the ring and said “Are you serious” and finally after I said nothing he looked at me and said, “are you gonna answer me?” I laughed and said, “oh yeah! YES!”

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been so surprised in my life, which is what made it so amazing. I think it was such a shock to me because we had talked about it before moving up here but I didn’t think he was even thinking about it anymore, let alone had a way to get a ring. Apparently he’s had the ring since a week before we left! Crazy! Anyway, that’s how it happened and yes he asked my dad for permission. We are going to wait a couple years because we want to get at least our 2 years with the company done. Some of the people at our store know and by some I mean all the girls because they noticed the ring and none of the guys because well they are guys and oblivious to that kind of thing. I have added pictures of the ring at the bottom and in closing I must say we will have to have a party to celebrate when Mike and I come home next summer!


William said...

Congratulations once again!

Grant said...

You're pretty dense sis! I also like the part where you describe mike as pretty... did he make you add that? :)

Paula Barnhart said...

That ring is sooooo BEAUTIFUL. Uncle Brad and I are very happy for you both. congratulations.