Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day in Nunavut

Hello Everyone!

I hope all you proud Canadians enjoyed Canada day because I know I sure did.

For our first Canada Day in the north, Mike and I started our day by watching the festivities on Parliament Hill on the CBC. Once we had our fill of that, we ventured out for our first big exploration walk of Baker Lake, and we also wanted to check out what the happenings were in town.

So as we began our exploration we passed by the town's community center and arena to see all the kids in town gathered to take part in Canada Day events, such as bicycle decorating. As we continued our walk, we came across several proud Canadians dressed in red and white and carrying Canadian flags on their Hondas. Once we hit the end of town and headed out to the airport we were able to take some pictures of the tundra, the lake and a small animal called a "tusk tusk", which looks like a prairie dog with a deflated squirrel tale that wiggles out of control (this is also known as the "groundhog of the north"). As we headed back into town, we passed the local indoor pool, which was just filled up that day, so we decided to get a picture of all the kids waiting patiently outside for the first swim of the season.

Once we returned back to four plex, which we have gotten an outside picture of for everyone to see, we enjoyed a cold beer on the deck and enjoyed the hot sun (yes it was 20 and beautiful that day). While sitting on the porch we talked to our neighbour, Jim, who reminded us that our management team was having a BBQ and a game of horse shoes, so we decided we would have to wander over and take part. Unfortunately we didn't take our camera to horse shoes, which thank God is a good thing because out of the five teams, Mike and I came dead last! LOL! But I must admit, it was my first time playing. Anyway, we enjoyed drinking and the horse shoe tournament, which was way too fun to watch, and also enjoyed lots of yummy BBQ.

I think out of all the BBQs I've been to though, this one had the most amazing view because we sat on top of a hill over looking the lake as the ice began to melt on the lake with a perfectly painted sky above. I find it so weird coming from down south where I'm used to looking across a bare lake seeing nothing, but knowing that Buffalo is there, and then being in Baker Lake where I look across the Lake see nothing and know there really isn't anything there except maybe a caribou.. LOL! Anyway, that's all I have to say in regards to our day, below are pictures of the town.

flowers growing on the tundra

Kids gatherd for events

The kids waiting to get into the pool


the 4 plex formally known as home (we are the bottom right window)
Thats our store!
Welcome to Baker!

A view of the town from the land
Look at all those rocks!

The clear beach water!
The barge that was stuck in the lake when it started to freeze in September

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Angela said...

Hi Grace and Mike
Congratulations on your engagement!
You two are off on a great adventure in more ways then one.
Angela (Aunt Paula's friend)