Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello everyone!

Since it has been a few weeks since the last blog post, I thought I would give everyone a quick update on what is going on here in Baker Lake.

We have made a few major purchases in our home since the last blog, which were as follows:

- a 19" LCD TV
- a printer for the computer
- a treadmill

We got the TV for the bedroom because, as we have discovered, we don't like to watch the same TV shows all the time, or the same movies sometimes, so for us to have the second option is a nice change. 

The printer for the computer was a different story. It was brought back to the store because the person who bought it said that the scanner "didn't scan the whole page". Ken, the GM manager at the store, was going to write it off without testing it. Grace suggested buying it at a discount instead of writing it off because a) the store would get some money for it, and b) if it prints, it isn't totally useless. So Ken sold it to us for $20, and it usually retails at $149. So we got it home, Grace hooked it up and tested it out. Turns out that the thing works just fine. The theory is that the person didn't realize that it only scans the stuff you put in, not the outlines of pages and such. Either way, we got a pretty nice printer for $20. For the tech geeks that are out there, it is a Lexmark X1270. 

Grace bought a treadmill from Paul, the Meat manager, for $200, which we both thought was a hell of a deal considering the freight on an item like that is going to be pretty high. The treadmill itself can be somewhat tempermental, but other than that it is a very good deal for the price we paid.

Other than that, our lives have revolved a lot around work and sleep and work again. The store has been super busy, with August being the biggest month in our store's history for sales. I would state the numbers here, but I am not sure on the policies and appropriateness of all that. 

Grace has spent a bit of time making the house feel a little more like home as pictures have been hung up. It is starting to feel like home to us now, as we have put our own little touches on the place. We have bought covers for the couch and chair in the house to make them feel better. We have got the TV and such now that gives us the added luxuries. If only the store would pay for a touch up of paint on the house, it would look brand new. Haha!

Other than that, not much news from here. I am going to take some pictures of the store on Sunday so that everyone can get an idea of exactly what we have to work with up here.

Take care,

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Kyle said...

Looks like you guys are just loading up on the "bargoons" there!