Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long Needed and Awaited Update

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Sorry that it has been so long since our last blog post, but in the future we will try to update more often.

When we last wrote a blog, we had just bought a new TV and a treadmill. We have made some new purchases since then.

Grace bought an electric fireplace from Costco (which, by the way, is the best way to shop as there is no shipping) to help make the apartment feel a tad more cozy as it isn’t the warmest feeling place. It is a grey/silver colour. Below is a picture.

In the last month, we haven’t really had a whole lot of adventures as the store is busy and the weather is starting to resemble winter more and more every single day.

We "inherited" a really good portion of caribou that one of the locals shot down one day. We ended up with the butt of the caribou, which turned out to be a good chunk of meat. Below are some picture of me being a butcher. :P

We had the first snow fall of the year on September 15th, and what a snow fall it was.

And yes, for those of you who know me too well, I did make a snow man that night.

Since then we have had a few get togethers with the people we work with. One was for Paul’s (the butcher) 40th birthday, and we certainly had a great time. We had some drinks, had some cake, and of course, had fun.

We then got together next for the 2008 Northern Hockey Pool Draft. For the sports buffs... no, Gary Bettman did not host it. Both Grace and I have teams in it, and periodically we will update you on our standings in the pool. Grace picked her team based on names she liked and recognized. I picked mine based on stats and theories. Here are the teams for those of you who care to keep track/are interested.


Evgeni Malkin

Eric Staal

Alexander Kopitar

Cory Stillman

Shane Doan

Jonathan Cheecho

Jason Arnott

Nik Antropov

Viktor Kozlov

Thomas Kaberle

W. Wolski

Mike Fisher


Vincent LeCavalier

Patrick Kane

Derek Roy

Rick Nash

Johan Franzen

A.  AKostitsyn

Dion Phaneuf

Nikoli Zherdev

Ryan Malone

Dustin Penner

Dennis Wideman (dubbed the “who the hell?” pick of the night”)

Joffrey Lupul

Now, I know that last time I promised to post some pictures of our store, however, when I went to take the pictures that morning, the batteries in the camera died and I haven’t had a chance to take pictures again. I do promise that one of these days I will get the pictures taken and posted.

On our way home from work the one night, we happened to see this little fella pictured below sitting under our neighbour's truck. Just to put things into perspective, that is probably a 20" tire on this truck...

Pretty cute little bugger isn't he? The arctic hare turns white in the winter to blend in to the surroundings to protect itself from predators. In the summer months, they are brown.

Like I said before, there should be more updates in the future as we stop being so lazy and actually write these things. LOL. 

Hopefully everyone is well and healthy and safe down south. 

Take care,
Mike and Grace

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Kyle said...

Looks like some pretty decent pickups you and Grace made. You'll have to check out Dobberhockey.com everyday like me now :P

Was there no restrictions on how many d-men you had to take? Grace only has 1 but then I guess Mike only has 2. Weren't there any goalie picks either?

Mentioning Wideman.. last year for our "Coconut College" hockey pool.. a guy picked up Wideman and we all thought he was crazy. Then Wideman turned out to have a really good season so he got picked up in this year's pool too.